IT 2020: Year In The Rear-View Mirror

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As we run screaming away from 2020, here are a few of the top technology stories that made us laugh, cry, hope, and change our passwords.

As we run screaming away from 2020, here are a few of the top technology stories that made us laugh, cry, hope, and change our passwords. Read on to find out what you might have missed between cutting your own hair and smashing that TikTok challenge.

Pajamas and Passwords

COVID-19 brought significant changes to the business environment. Many companies suddenly switched from on-premise-centered operations to a remote workforce. This put a lot of people in meetings in their PJs and many networks at risk for a security breach.

Read our article Securing Your Enterprise Wi-Fi in 2020 to make sure you’re prepared for 2021.

Cozy Bear Vs. FireEye

The cybersecurity firm FireEye recently acknowledged that it had been the victim of a breach—and that the attackers made off with some of its offensive tools. It’s a startling admission but almost certainly not as devastating as it may first sound.

Wired weighs in on the fallout with their article Russia’s FireEye Hack Is a Statement—but Not a Catastrophe.

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Congress Cares About Your Printer

The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act has been signed into law. The act requires NIST to issue guidelines and standards for the development, patching, identity, and configuration management of IoT devices.

Check out IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act signed into law from Security Magazine to learn more.

You Better Keep Up

Pandemic-imposed imperatives have forced businesses to compress years’ worth of digital transformation to just months. Top of the list for transformation has been enabling teams to work effectively from home while shoring up cloud infrastructure and security.

IT’s New Normal from takes a look at recalibrating IT management and security for the post-COVID world.

Google? How Do I Cut My Own Bangs?

The coronavirus outbreak, elections, and Zoom meetings were on U.S. consumers minds’ this year, according to Google’s list of the U.S. top trending searches in 2020. These search trends don’t reflect the most-searched-for words and phrases across Google, but rather those that saw high spikes in traffic over a sustained period of time during the year, as compared with 2019.

TechCrunch brings us Coronavirus, election results, Kobe Bryant and Zoom among Google’s top 2020 search trends in U.S. and world

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