Wired/Wireless Design

Wireless Networks That Keep Your Business Running

At Federated Service Solutions, we specialize in wireless infrastructure design for corporate, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality industries. Whether you're opening a new facility or upgrading an existing network, we can design a fast, secure and stable wireless network to keep your business running.

Designing Enterprise Wireless Networks

Enterprise Network Security

Network security is a number one concern for most CIOs, and many CEOs.  With a new vulnerability coming out every week, keep up, and keep track of the myriad threats that all require different solutions. Plugging the dam without hindering your own users can be tricky.

We build security into our network design by doing it right the first time and by properly planning for the future. As you grow, we can scale the security of your network to meet new logistical challenges as well as respond to the constant changes in the world of cybersecurity.

Enterprise Network Stability

Downtime is money lost and when downtime occurs, every moment counts. We choose network solutions based on redundancy and quick reaction to infrastructure issues to ensure that sales are not lost and orders get placed. We're here to keep your network running all day, every day

Enterprise Network Speed 

Fast wifi and good connectivity is not just a 'nice to have', it's an expectation from customers and employees alike.

Designed for high-density use, and large network load size, our enterprise wireless solutions can handle the load and are the technology backbone of your business.

Creating a Wireless Network Plan For Your Enterprise

Our engineers use predictive site surveys to layout a network plan that considers all the factors that affect your network:

  • Interference
  • Saturation
  • Signal overlap
  • Number of users and devices
  • User/device density

Our design solutions include:

  • RCDD on staff to certify your network drawings
  • Predictive site surveys for planning the network
  • Passive & active heat mapping surveys for verification
  • Design & configure your hardware
  • Cost savings with cable pathways drawn in advance

Once your wireless network is installed we will verify signal strength to ensure coverage so you can deliver the best possible experience for your employees and customers.

Choosing Enterprise Wireless Network Equipment

Hardware and equipment choices impact your network performance. We'll support your wireless network plan with enterprise-grade equipment including:

  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Hardware Security Filters
  • UPS

Our Enterprise Wireless Network Provider Partners

Once your network is designed and implemented, we work with our network hosting partners to make sure you get the support you need, and the security of a trusted name. We've got you covered, whether it be configuration, maintenance, or training.

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