Enterprise Network Stories We All Felt In 2019

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2019 was a big year for hackers in the headlines and a landmark year for connectivity and IoT. As we wind it down, here are some of the enterprise network news stories from this year that had us feeling all the feels.

5G vs. Wi-Fi 6: Best Frenemies?

These two technologies promise better connectivity, faster speeds, less energy usage and a slimmer waistline (not really on that last part). So which is better for your enterprise? Or do you need both? As enterprises strive to connect to more and more end-points, IT pros are faced with tough decisions.

Check out this take from ZDNet: WiFi 6 will face 5G competition and then read our article Wi-fi 6 Is Coming To Enterprise Networks.


IoT & BYOD: Like Herding Cats

IT professionals had their hands full this year managing an unprecedented number of users and their devices on company networks. BYOD policies are one way to attempt to manage the chaos–but does having a BYOD policy create more problems than it solves?

Read more from Forbes: Bracing For IoT In The Enterprise or pop an aspirin and read this article from Above the Law: 3 Reasons BYOD Policies Give IT Folks A Headache.


Hacking Printers: Now That’s Gangsta

Ah, the printer, one of the most loathed pieces of office equipment known to mankind. Here’s one more reason not to trust them: they (and other IoT devices) are a backdoor through which hackers can break into your network. Learn what you can do to protect yourself by reading these:

From CIO Dive: One Way Hackers Breach a Network: Out-of-date Office Printers

From our blog: Fancy Bear Threatens IoT Device Security on Enterprise Networks.


MSPs & Ransomware: Fury Road

In 2019, we saw several managed service providers hit with ransomware. Experts predict that the furious battle between MSPs and hackers will escalate in 2020. The good guys will be deploying AI and machine learning to track down intruders. And the bad guys? They’ll be looking for anyone not following security best practices. It’s time to get ahead of it by understanding the vulnerabilities and what you can do to protect your network.

CRN delivered a dire warning in their recent article:Pandemic Crisis’ Of MSP Ransomware Attacks Will Grow In 2020, Experts Say.


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