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Enterprise WLAN Troubleshooting for Pros

Diagnose and solve common problems with your enterprise WLAN
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End-to-End technology, equipment, and IT infrastructure solutions.



Our knowledge of, and expanded exposure to, all types of industries allows Federated Service Solutions to find the best solutions for your company.


From a single re-wire to a national installation rollout, we are committed to always be on site & on schedule.


We specialize in all the systems that you need to keep your business up and running in both customer facing locations and the facilities that support them.


Environments We Work Within

New Construction, Existing Facilities (Including: Remodels, Project Work, Service Work, and Rollouts)

Our Deployments

What We Deliver

Single point of contact for results that fit your needs.

How We Work

Our Technicians

A mix of certified W-2 and subcontractors to best fit your needs. We worry about qualifying technicians so that you do not have to.

Our Team

Our Partners

Because diversity matters.



Because diversity matters.

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