Make Working in the Office Work

Federated Service Solutions offers network design, implementation, and continuous support services for your corporate offices.

Planning + Designing Your Corporate Network

Our full-service approach begins with determining the best network solutions for your business and then outlining a plan.

Site Surveys

When your company conducts a site survey with FSS, you’ll get a team of network experts to evaluate any and all of your locations for network optimization. This means our Engineers won’t just try to solve your problems over the phone, they’ll arrive at your business ready to measure everything that affects network performance including:

  • Interference
  • Saturation
  • Signal Overlap
  • Number of users and devices
  • User/device density
Once the Site Survey is complete, you'll receive a comprehensive analysis of your network including:
  • Coverage Maps
  • Every Access Point Identified and Numbered
  • Distribution Frames Marked and Highlighted
  • Recommendations for AP Locations
  • Recommendations for Optimized Network Settings

Say goodbye to change orders, scope creep, and everything else that makes network upgrades a drag. With our site surveys, we’ll know exactly what your corporate office needs for optimum performance with just one visit.

Is your office’s network slower than a post office on a Sunday? Wi-fi signals not reaching every corner office?
Reach out to us for our Consulting Services and we can identify any issues with your network and create a plan to solve them. Or if you just want to talk through your issues, then we can be your big, network shoulder to lean on.

Implementing Your Corporate Network

With your office’s ideal network designed, the next step is for our team to deploy your hardware.

Network Infrastructure
Our Techs can thrive in any environment. Whether you’re in any of the 50 United States, Canada, or Guam, renovating or building a brand new office - we can setup your network. Think of our team like those little microscopic water bears, Tardigrades - we’ll set up shop anywhere.

Here’s what our team can deliver when building your new and improved network:

  • Installation + Testing of all low-voltage technology including computers, phones, paging/audio systems, CCTV, kiosks, digital signage, access points, point of sale systems
  • Circuit extensions from the demarcation point via fiber or category cabling
  • Full rack and stack in MDF and IDF locations
  • Pulling all infrastructure cable including testing, termination, and certification
  • Active and Passive Heat Mapping options for verification of wireless infrastructure post-construction to ensure proper coverage
Hardware ProcurementAs a nationwide IT company, we partner with some of the best names in wireless network technology and provide recommendations, competitive pricing, and procurement. Not sure which equipment is best suited for your office? We’re more than happy to offer guidance and suggestions.

Supporting Your Corporate Network

Some people just love to help. That’s us. After design and implementation, you can rely on Federated to stick around when the going gets tough.

Full-time Employees (FTE)

Some of our customers love our techs so much they want to steal ‘em – now they can! If your company needs an on-site tech who is Federated-level helpful and knowledgeable, ask about our FTE program. Whether your IT team is busy with a new project or you need extra help getting a system up and running - you can finally have your own Federated Service Solutions employee standing by to help.

And for your employees working remotely, our FTEs can manage the network from your corporate office to the home office, ensuring your team stays connected from just about anywhere.

Help Desk

Want the trademark level of Federated help but don’t necessarily need an FTE? We got you! Our support team is standing by to make sure your enterprise network is always running at the level your company needs. Our IT Support Packages include:

  • Phone Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Site visits
  • Emergency response for critical outages

Premium Help Desk Services

Need a little more advanced support? We offer premium services for businesses that need a little extra network TLC.

Our premium services include:

  • Equipment warehousing and staging
  • PC monitoring
  • CCTV monitoring and alerts
  • Warranty management
Stop Putting Off Upgrading Your Network, Start Working Smarter
Faster and better network performance for your office means a faster and better performing business. No more spotty wi-fi, slow internet speeds, or overworked IT team - see how Federated Services Solutions can deliver. Schedule a free consultation for your business, no strings attached.
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