How We Work

Our Proven Process

Whether it's advanced network design, hardware upgrades or low voltage cabling, we follow the same, proven process on every project to establish consistency and provide a seamless customer experience. Since 2004, our proven process has ensured success for our clients, from small businesses to global corporations.

We work with you to identify and prioritize your needs at every stage of the project, so we can achieve success together. We don't believe in 'business as usual' and for that reason we have kick-off calls to get aligned and create shared expectations. If the kick-off call uncovers additional ways to streamline our delivery, we chat with you about it at that time. We then take your project through the scope of work and we wrap up with a Lessons Learned session so we can work even better together in the future.

How We're Structured

Professional services are at the core of what we provide. We're a flat organization so you'll get a single point-of-contact for the duration of your project or contract with us, as well as escalation points at every level of our organization.

Our Project Managers: They've Got You Covered

Your dedicated Project Manager will be supported by a team of administrators, allowing them to focus on running your project at a strategic level, while still making sure the day-to-day details are under control. Our PM's have an average of 24 years of industry experience and are ready to tackle any challenge.

The best part is that their experience isn't all behind a desk. Our Project Managers know what it's like in the field because most of them have been technicians working for customers just like you. They're highly accessible, accountable, and will ensure that your project stays on time and on budget. As a matter of fact, a customer once described his experience working with one of our project managers as a certified "Bromance."

Our high project completion rate and near perfect client retention rate is proof that we're structured for success.

Our Field Technicians: Nice Guys All Around

We only hire high quality, nice guys and gals to go onsite and interact with your team --so nice, that a client once tried to hire away our best field tech for their help desk! (Don't get any ideas! We need them!)

We always keep in mind that even our best techs still need guidance, so how we manage them is key. Many of our field technicians are HIPAA certified or IBEW Union, and all of them are ready to hit the ground running in your location, no matter where you are in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam. We're also starting to work in Europe and have plans to expand further as our new business takes us there.